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Sat, 24 Aug 2024 12:00 - Sun, 25 Aug 2024 12:00 JST
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We are pleased to announce a global exchange event hosted by JAWS-UG!

JAWS-UG (AWS User Group - Japan) is an AWS user group with over 60 branches nationwide in Japan. Each branch across the country regularly hosts technical and talent exchange events related to AWS, contributing to the improvement of AWS users' technical skills and business expansion.

JAWS PANKRATION 2024 is the third 24-hour online event hosted by JAWS-UG. In addition to branches across Japan, we invite AWS HEROES, AWS Community Builders, AWS User Group Leaders, and other AWS title holders from around the world to participate. Various sessions will be held, including cultural discussions related to AWS and technical talks.

While this event, led by Japan's AWS user groups, is quite experimental, JAWS PANKRATION 2021 was a great success. This time, in alignment with the Olympic year, we invite you to enjoy this crazy event at your convenience, following the sun's rotation, and keeping track of AWS users worldwide.

This year’s theme is ‘No Border’! - We are connected wherever we are. -

JAWS Pankration, a 24-hour online event held in 2021, is back!

We have survived the community changes caused by COVID-19 and now have both offline (in-person) and online connections. Yes, no matter what language, nationality or where you live, we are all connected by the bond of our love for AWS.Wherever we are, JAWS PANKRATION is a twenty-four-hour, follow-the-sun format event for AWS users to study.

The theme of JAWS PANKRATION 2024 is ‘No Border,’ reflecting the hope that JAWS PANKRATION will be an event where AWS users from all over the world come together to share all kinds of knowledge without location or language restrictions. It aims to be a catalyst for creating an environment where AWS enthusiasts can connect freely, regardless of location or language barriers.

We hope that JAWS PANKRATION will become an event where new connections can be made involving AWS user groups from all over the world.

Still Up from 2021, JAWS PAKNRATION will go even further beyond the limits in 2024 and make it the best event you’ve ever been to! Let’s make it exciting for 24 hours straight!

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Date and time

  • JST(UTC+9):2024/08/24(Sat) 12:00 PM 〜 2024/08/25(Sun) 12:00 PM
  • UTC(UTC±0):2024/08/24(Sat) 3:00 AM 〜 2024/08/25(Sun) 3:00 AM
  • PST(UTC-8):2024/08/23(Fri) 7:00 PM 〜 2024/08/24(Sat) 7:00 PM

※ Doorkeeper registration will be available until the end of the event.
※ You can participate in this event as you like, whenever you want.
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Handling of Your Personal Data

Personal information is acquired only as necessary for the operation of this event will be managed appropriately in accordance with the Japanese law, and with the JAWS PANKRATION executive committee as the person in charge of information management.

For more details, please check the page regarding the handling of personal information below.

About Remote Participation

We will post livestream URL for the event to this Doorkeeper page.
Please note that some audio and image quality issues may occur during the event, and we will not accept any complaints or methods for dealing with problems related to connection.

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JAWS-UG(AWS User Group – Japan)は、日本全国に50を超える支部を持つ Amazon Web Services(以下AWS)のユーザーグループです。全国の各支部では、AWSに関する技術交流や人材交流が毎週のように行われ、AWSユーザーの技術力向上およびビジネスの拡大に寄与しています。

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