AWS HUB -Online Drink Festival event after AWS Summit, & Announcement from JAWS-UG-

Fri, 27 May 2022 20:00 - 22:00 JST
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AWS-HUB where AWS lovers get together and drink!
It will be held online for the first time in a year, and everyone will toast at 20:00 using oVice that was used in the past JAWS DAYS 2021!

Why don't you take this opportunity to interact with people who like AWS?
We look forward to welcome you.

Time Contents Speakers
19:40~20:00 Reception starts (oVice login is possible)
20:00~20:05 Cheers Greetings XXX from JAWS-UG
20:05~21:20 Chat Everyone
21:20~21:55 Announcement of the next study session from each JAWS-UG branch Representative of each JAWS-UG branch
21:55~22:00 Closing remarks XXX from JAWS-UG
22:00 ~ Dissolution (If you want to continue drinking, you can leave it as it is)

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JAWS-UG(AWS User Group – Japan)は、日本全国に50を超える支部を持つ Amazon Web Services(以下AWS)のユーザーグループです。全国の各支部では、AWSに関する技術交流や人材交流が毎週のように行われ、AWSユーザーの技術力向上およびビジネスの拡大に寄与しています。

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