JAWS PANKRATION 2021 ~re:Trospective~

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 18:50 - 22:00 JST
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Event Summary

*JAWS PANKRATION 2021 ~Up till Down~ Retrospective Event! *

The 24-hour global event "JAWS PANKRATION 2021 ~Up till Down~" was held on 20th Nov – 21st Nov. We will launch a new event for looking back the event, as a place to output the knowledge and survey results that the executive committee members gained from the event. We are planning to review by each team of the executive committee members (web, goods and design, global delivery, video, promotion, distribution structure and operation and more), as well as AWS community members and originators!
* There is no simultaneous interpretation.

Date and time

Friday, January 21, 2021 7PM – 10PM JST (Standby 6:30PM JST / Preliminaries 6:50PM JST)
The streaming URL is YouTube. Only participants can refer to it.


ID: @jawsdays (JAWS-UG official account)
Hashtags are #jawsug #jawspankration2021 #jawspankration.

Privacy Policy

The JAWS PANKRATION Executive Committee will be in charge of information management and will properly manage personal information obtained through the operation of this event in accordance with the law.
For details, please refer to the following page regarding the handling of personal information.

About Online Participation

The URL for the event delivery will be listed in the remarks of this event, so please check there and join us.
Please be aware that there may be some audio and video quality issues during the event. Please note that we will not be able to respond to any complaints or problems with the connection.

Timetable (It may change later without notice.)

Start time
End time
18:50:00 19:00:00 0:10:00 オープニング
Shun Yoshie
19:00:00 19:25:00 0:25:00 配信構成・運用について
About distribution structure and operation
Hidetoshi Matsui
Ryohei Mizumoto
Masato Kitahara
Takeshi Furusato
Masanori Yamaguchi
19:25:00 19:40:00 0:15:00 amplifyで運用した背景と結果(WEBサイトの構成について)
Background and Results of using amplify (for website structure)
Takumi Abe
19:40:00 19:55:00 0:15:00 グッズやデザインについて
About goods and design
Takaaki Kishikawa
Shizuka Kishikawa
Kohei Otani
19:55:00 20:10:00 0:15:00 グローバルでのグッズ配送について
About global goods delivery
Tomoharu Ito
20:10:00 20:15:00 0:05:00 QAと休憩
QA and breaks
20:15:00 20:30:00 0:15:00 多国籍な英語のやりとりについて
On Multinational English Interaction
Michael Tedder
Daisuke Yagi
20:30:00 20:45:00 0:15:00 PRと結果について
PR and Results
Naoko Iwase
Masaru Ogura
20:45:00 21:00:00 0:15:00 動画について
About the video
Kana Kitagawa
21:00:00 21:15:00 0:15:00 イベントキックオフから現在までやったこと
What we've done from the event kickoff to now
Shigeru Oda
21:15:00 21:20:00 0:05:00 QAと休憩
QA and breaks
21:20:00 21:35:00 0:15:00 AWSコミュニティ担当としての振り返り
Looking back as an AWS community representative
Shigeru Numaguchi
21:35:00 21:55:00 0:20:00 オーガナイザー総括 やりたかったことと、結果
Organizer Summary What I wanted to do and the results
Shun Yoshie
21:55:00 22:00:00 0:05:00 クロージング + 告知
Closing + Notice
Shun Yoshie

About Q&A

If there are any questions tweeted with the hashtag, we will try to find and pick them up.

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JAWS-UG(AWS User Group – Japan)は、日本全国に50を超える支部を持つ Amazon Web Services(以下AWS)のユーザーグループです。全国の各支部では、AWSに関する技術交流や人材交流が毎週のように行われ、AWSユーザーの技術力向上およびビジネスの拡大に寄与しています。

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